We found this tutorial 5 years ago and absolutely loved it! You don't even need to be very crafty to do this, you just need time, patience, and yarn; along with a few other supplies. We made 2 versions of the hanging, you can see both below. We used a variety of yarns purchased from quite a few vendors. It was fun and economic to shop at thrift stores for a project like this because you'll need a lot of yarn and if you use your imagination you can get creative and use a variety of shades or types to make the piece interesting and rugged. We also chose to make the pom poms less than perfect, instead of doing a lot of trimming we just let them be. These hangings have stood the test of time and even if you don't secure the pom poms perfectly, once it's hanging on the wall you won't know the difference. Click here for a full tutorial from one of our favorite sites.