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Our Story


Apartment 4 Lifestyle was born from the idea that people should live and style any personal space they inhabit, wherever that place may be. We are Lasheca Earls and Alicia Square, the founders of A4L, who as roommates in college always wowed our friends with styling and staging our apartment in creative ways on a budget. Whether we were upgrading hand me down furniture, painting a canvas so we’d have artwork, following a DIY tutorial or building something ourselves, we always made a way. In 2016 we launched our online shop and have continued to watch its evolution.

​In 2021 we popped up with a studio that was open to the public and also operated as a retail location. We learned so much about ourselves, our product offerings, and the brand we’re building. In 2023 we closed the doors of that particular space but are now opened as artists on a mission to do so much more!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire people to truly live within their personal spaces regardless of the many factors that may make it seem impossible. Surroundings have a profound effect on mental health and the potential to help goals seem more attainable. Everyone deserves a fabulous, functional space no matter the size or budget, whether renting or even when the living situation is temporary. If you change your space, it could change your life!


Our Products


We currently offer a curated collection of goods available via our online shop. We ourselves are makers and also love to find forgotten antiques and vintage pieces and transform them into unique and lively home decor with new paint jobs and updated upholstery. In addition to our handmade pieces we’ve sourced one-of-a-kind goods from other women artisans, estate sales, thrift shops and fair trade partners to curate an elevated and global boho-chic collection. Be on the lookout as we plan to launch new collections between Spring and Summer ‘23!


Our Services


We offer a variety of services centered around styling spaces. Our residential services include interior styling, space planning, personal shopping, and staging. Our commercial services include visual merchandising whether it be an in-store installation, window display or store layout, we are here to help. We are also available for set design and special events both large and small.


Our Practices


While we love beautiful, functional spaces we also love a beautiful, functional planet. We always keep the environment in mind when we’re working on a project. We use vintage pieces in our spaces whenever possible and 95% of our packaging is from recycled materials. 

People of the planet also matter, that’s why we source from fair trade and equal employment partners. As community is crucial to our survival as human beings on this planet, community was at the forefront of our latest studio pop up in New Orleans, LA. From September 2021 through December 2022, we made space for over 70 local small businesses, artists and makers ranging from photographers and mixed media artists, to filmmakers and chefs. 91% of those locals were women and 89% of those women were Black or brown. We look forward to continuing to develop relationships as our brand grows!

Thank you for being here and your interest in what we do!

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