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A4L Studio - Philly

In March of 2016 we saw the first physical manifestation of Apartment 4 Lifestyle. We rented a 130 sq foot space inside a shared artist studio called “The Papermill” in Philadelphia’s Kensington section. It wasn’t the fanciest place you’d ever seen but it was perfect for what we needed, it was A4L 1.0 the first time we worked for ourselves outside of our homes.


Our studio was on the 4th floor of a 6-story walk up and wasn’t opened to the public as we used it to construct and design pieces and stage them for our website and portfolio. We laid a foundation in that place, as we spent a little over a year with it being the first home of Apartment 4 Lifestyle. In April of 2017 we moved out of that building as we focused on our children and thought about ways to expand and grow into our next phase. 


Enjoy the gallery below celebrating some of the moments in our very first studio space.

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