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A4L Studio 3.0 - On a swamp

In April of 2023 we decided to embark on our third studio adventure, a beautiful “treehouse” on a swamp.


Closing the studio model we tried in New Orleans was such a difficult decision but it was a decision that was necessary to move into the next phase. In January we moved the last of our things to storage and we told ourselves by the summer we needed to be in another space, any longer than that would feel like we were giving up on ourselves. This is our 7th year of existing as Apartment 4 Lifestyle and we’ve started and stopped a few times, coming back even harder every time.


This studio is the culmination of all the things we’ve learned over the last 7 years and this space is meant to be more personal to us than ever before. In this space we’ll work on our craft as makers, curate special seasonal collections of goods and fine tune the brand we’ve been dreaming of and working towards since we were roommates in apartment #4.


We’ll activate the space to be opened to the public on a monthly basis, shopping by appointment will be available, and we’ll curate special occasions to share the space. The location of this place has made it more of a destination as it’s proximity to a few Louisiana cities. Located off of historic LA 22, Louisiana’s Southern Swamp Byway, we envision being a stop on a beautiful day trip. Go ahead and start planning your trip, you’ll want to experience what we have planned.


Soft opening announcement coming soon!

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