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More gift wrapping fun, but this time the littles get involved 📦 🖍⛄️ 👧🏾 🎁

Roll out some Kraft paper and let the kids go to work with their crayons and color pencils. Then ✂️ and wrap, we used metallic toned fabric scraps for our bows.

We love a good diy, and once we found this one we couldn't stop making these things!

These make great gifts and one ball of chunky yarn will go a long way. We'd make plant hangers and use glass jar, coffee cans and clay pots as the vessel. For some extra flair, you can also grab a tree branch, add some c-hooks, and make a cute hanging garden.

Our favorite tutorial on this process can be found here.

We’re huge proponents of not letting things go to waste. Since we tend to have fabric leftover from projects and dried florals with broken stems we’ve put them to use for gift wrapping!

Click here for our favorite tutorial on the matter.


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