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Ways to cope with seasonal depression, starting with your bed...

If your'e going to be depressed and in bed it should be as comfortable as possible BUT that's not all...

Make your bed as comfortable AND aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Let's start with comfort and function. Do you need new pillows to sleep on, sheets with a higher thread count, a new mattress or a foam cover (what does your budget say), whatever it is you need you that's the direction you move in.

Now on to aesthetics! This is just as important and here's why, if your bed looks really good when it's made you should enjoy seeing that bed made and it may help you make said bed (when you pull yourself out of it).

We all know depression manifests in many physical forms and that includes not wanting to clean and straighten your personal space, we'll work our way out of the bedroom but this is a start. Think about adding touches of your favorite color or cozy textures via pillows, throws, and rugs. Look for some bedroom inspiration and think about the most comfortable bed you've ever been in.

We'll be building on this idea going forward, so follow along and let's get through this together.

We've got some crocheted blankets, and pillows online and in the studio and we're available for virtual or in person consultations if you need some help and we've included some inspiration from Pinterest.

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